empty nested pic for website- Kit and Suz

Kit and Suzanne- Emptynested creators

“It’s a celebration!” was our epiphany as we crossed Belleview Blvd. We did it! We launched our kids! There was freedom in our steps and fun in our future but “WHERE’S THE PARTY?!” we said to each other. It was so much work we wanted a coronation but found there was no celebration paraphernalia anywhere. We couldn’t find a card or t-shirt to save our lives, so we started designing emptynested cards to start THE PARTY!

Join us in the celebration! Buy a card for your friend or proudly wear a t-shirt that says you are emptynested.Launch your Kids, Love your Life” is our tagline that says it all!

By the way, we have over 40 years of combined experience as marriage and family therapists, so look for jewels of insight about celebrating, navigating, and moving forward in all the joys and challenges of this great transition. Go to Birdtalk to read our blog or share your stories. We’d love to hear from you. Ask us a question here.